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Repair and car operation

Kia Rio
+ 1.1. Short acquaintance to the car
+ 2. Engines A3E, А5D
+ 3. Greasing system
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Fuel system
+ 6. Ignition system
+ 7. Coupling
+ 8. A transmission
+ 9. Axes and power shafts
+ 10. A suspension bracket
+ 11. Wheels and tyres
+ 12. A steering
+ 13. Brake system
+ 14. A body
+ 15. Air central air
- 16. The electric equipment
   16.1. Specifications
   16.2. Electric chains
   + 16.3. The generator
   + 16.4. The storage battery
   16.5. A starter
   16.6. Check at проворачивании a cranked shaft not the heated-up engine
   16.7. Check of an electric chain of the traction relay
   16.8. Check of the traction relay
   16.9. Check of brushes and щеткодержателя
   16.10. Check of coils статора
   16.11. Rotor check
   16.12. Removal and starter installation
   16.13. Starter repair
   16.14. The multipurpose switch
   16.15. A sound signal
   16.16. The block of safety locks and the relay, established in car salon
   16.17. Check of the relay of the activator of the lock of a door
   16.18. Check of the switch of adjustment of position of an external rear-view mirror
   16.19. Check of the activator of position of an external rear-view mirror
   16.20. Engine check стеклоподъемника
   16.21. Check of a heater of back glass
   16.22. Repair of a current-carrying strip of a heater
   16.23. The engine of a screen wiper of a windscreen
   16.24. Стеклоомыватели
   16.25. Adjustment of light of headlights
   16.26. Adjustment of light of antifog headlights
   16.27. Safety pillows (SRS)
   16.28. Precautionary labels
   16.29. A pillow of safety of the driver and a spiral wire
   16.30. Check of a pillow of safety
   16.31. Check of a spiral wire (spring)
   16.32. A pillow of safety of the forward passenger
   - 16.33. Electric schemes
      16.33.1. Start and gymnastics system
      16.33.2. The engine management block
      16.33.3. Cooling system
      16.33.4. A combination of devices and control lamps
      16.33.5. Screen wipers and стеклоомыватели
      16.33.6. Forward illumination (with a safety pillow)
      16.33.7. Back illumination
      16.33.8. Headlights (DRL)
      16.33.9. Forward antifog headlights
      16.33.10. Back antifog lanterns, the proof-reader of light of headlights (HLLD)
      16.33.11. A sound signal and the block of the emergency light alarm system
      16.33.12. Backing and stoplight lamps
      16.33.13. Air central air
      16.33.14. System of indication of the included transfer (ECAT)
      16.33.15. The block of electronic control ETWIS
      16.33.16. The receiver, the relay of the alarm system and a sound signal
      16.33.17. Illumination lamps
      16.33.18. A radio receiver
      16.33.19. Стеклоподъемники (2 doors)
      16.33.20. Стеклоподъемники (4 doors)
      16.33.21. The central lock
      16.33.22. An external rear-view mirror with an electric drive
      16.33.23. Internal illumination, the hatch
      16.33.24. Antiblocking system of brakes (ABS)
      16.33.25. A seat heater
      16.33.26. Safety pillows (without lateral pillows)
      16.33.27. Safety pillows (with lateral pillows)
      16.33.28. A heater of back glass and luggage space illumination
      16.33.29. A plug receptacle, прикуриватель and an immobilizer
      16.33.30. Diagnosis connector, OBD-II check connector

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16.33.22. An external rear-view mirror with an electric drive