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Repair and car operation

Kia Rio
- 1.1. Short acquaintance to the car
   1.2. Keys
   1.3. Locks of doors
   1.4. An immobilizer
   1.5. Electric стеклоподъемники
   1.6. Seats
   1.7. Seat belts
   1.8. Back seat belts
   1.9. Safety pillows
   1.10. Components of system of pillows of safety
   1.11. A control lamp of a pillow of safety
   1.12. A luggage carrier door (5-door model)
   1.13. A luggage carrier cover
   1.14. A lamp of a luggage compartment
   1.15. A cowl
   1.16. Лючок a fuel tank
   1.17. A steering wheel
   1.18. Rear-view mirrors
   1.19. Salon illumination
   1.20. The salon equipment
   1.21. A digital watch
   1.22. Шторка a luggage carrier
   1.23. Power supplies socket
   1.24. The aerial
   1.25. The hatch in a roof
   1.26. The holder for sun glasses
   1.27. A cargo luggage grid
   1.28. The top luggage carrier
   1.29. The ignition switch
   1.30. Engine start-up
   1.31. A mechanical transmission
   1.32. An automatic transmission
   1.33. Brake system
   1.34. A lay brake
   1.35. The hydraulic amplifier of a steering
   1.36. An adjustable steering column
   1.37. A combination of devices
   1.38. Headlights
   1.39. Turn indexes
   1.40. The proof-reader of light of headlights
   1.41. Illumination of a day mode of operation
   1.42. Back antifog lanterns
   1.43. Screen wipers and стеклоомыватели
   1.44. A heater of back glass
   1.45. A heater of an external rear-view mirror
   1.46. Heating and ventilation system
   1.47. System work
   1.48. Information on tablets
   1.49. The emergency light alarm system
   1.50. Start-up of the engine from the storage battery of other car
   1.51. Safety locks
   1.52. Safety lock Memory
   1.53. Car towage
   1.54. Screen wiper brushes
   1.55. Replacement of lamps
   1.56. Care of appearance of the car
   1.57. Maintenance service
+ 2. Engines A3E, А5D
+ 3. Greasing system
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Fuel system
+ 6. Ignition system
+ 7. Coupling
+ 8. A transmission
+ 9. Axes and power shafts
+ 10. A suspension bracket
+ 11. Wheels and tyres
+ 12. A steering
+ 13. Brake system
+ 14. A body
+ 15. Air central air
+ 16. The electric equipment

Строительство и ремонт:

1.46. Heating and ventilation system

The panel of system of heating and ventilation

And – a regulator of temperature of air;
In – a regulator of frequency of rotation of the fan;
With – a regulator of distribution of air;
D – the button of management of air streams;
Е – the air conditioning button

Temperature regulator

The temperature regulator will allow to change temperature of air arriving from system of ventilation.

To change air temperature in salon, turn the regulator handle clockwise for giving of warm and hot air, and counter-clockwise for giving of cold air.

Regulator of frequency of rotation of the fan

> The fan has four speeds of giving of air. The bolshee number of a regulator means giving большего quantities of air in the car. For fan inclusion it is necessary to include ignition.

0 – the fan is switched off;
1 – low speed;
2 – average speed;
3 – high speed;
4 – the maximum speed

Regulator of distribution of air

The regulator of distribution of air serves for management of air stream in ventilation system.
Air stream leaves ventilating lattice D at any mode. Ventilating заслонки it is possible to close by means of the handle of blocking of an air stream.

Obverse position

The air stream is directed on the top part of a body and the person.

Each ventilating lattice of an air outlet also can separately be regulated (ventilating lattices: In, D).

Air giving to the person and a floor

Air moves in a direction to the person and a floor. Air submitted to a floor is warmer than air submitted to the person (except cases of installation of extremely low temperature) (ventilating lattices: In, With, D).

Air giving to a floor

More air the small amount to a windscreen and apertures for heating of lateral glasses (ventilating lattices moves in a direction to a floor, and: With, D).

Position of heating of floor Floor-Defrost

The prevailing part of an air stream is directed over a surface of a floor and area of a windscreen to that the smaller part of a stream leaves through lateral ventilating lattices of heating of glasses (ventilating lattices: And, With, D). If the position of heating of a floor (floor-defrost) the air conditioning joins automatically in a mode of giving of external (fresh) air gets out.

Heating position – Defrost

The prevailing part of an air stream is directed on area of a windscreen to that the smaller part of a stream leaves through lateral ventilating lattices of heating of glasses (ventilating lattices: And, D).

If the heating position (defrost) the air conditioning joins automatically in a mode of giving of external (fresh) air gets out.

The button of management of air stream

Position рециркуляции air.

All inflow of external air to the car is blocked and occurs рециркуляция air which is in salon of the car.

This mode can be temporarily used for achievement of peak efficiency of heating or cooling (at a complete set of the car the conditioner) and undesirable hit in the car of external air.

The prevention

The permanent job of system of ventilation and heating in a mode рециркуляции can raise humidity in car salon that can lead запотеванию glasses and to visibility decrease.

It is not necessary to sleep in the car at the included central air of air. Otherwise it is fraught with grave consequences for passengers up to a deadly outcome owing to reduction of the maintenance of oxygen and body temperature fall.

Mode of giving of external (fresh) air

In car salon air outside arrives. This mode is used for normal ventilation and heating.

It is necessary, that at each start-up of the engine the control system of an air stream has been established on a giving position внешнею (fresh) air. If it is necessary to establish a position рециркуляции air, press the corresponding button.

The air conditioning button

Press button A/S (air conditioning) for inclusion of a mode of an air conditioning. At the included position of a regulator of the fan the light indicator on the button is activated. For deenergizing of a mode of an air conditioning it is necessary to press button A/S again.